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In the evening, we briefly went out on the errands but at night we met again. The place of our gathering was the bank of the Neva. In addition to people already familiar to us, other Kostia’s friends came here.
Many of them brought outlandish musical instruments. Earlier I met such instruments as pipes, tambourines, drums, and flutes only in Goa.
Late in the evening, we arrived at an apartment on the very outskirts of Saint Petersburg, in a new district, whose owner — Kostia — kindly invited us to stay with him. We have never met Kostia before.
He knew Sasha thanks to his website, which was popular among Goa fans.
From the Bronze Horseman, we went to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. This cathedral has eclipsed all the temples that I have ever visited. Seeing Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, I gasped and was bereft of the power of speech for some time being unable to cope with my emotions.
The cathedral not only surpasses the temples but also any structures created by people.
We landed from the “Rocket” right at the Winter Palace and again went to Palace Square. At seven o’clock in the evening, it was also as light as in the day. On the way, we met the actor in the image of Peter the Great and the actress in the image of his wife — Catherine.
For USD 3, we purchased photos of Russian tsars. We again went to Palace Square where we admired the coach of the Russian aristocracy.
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