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Dinosaurs City

Next to the Cosmos pavilion, at VDNKh, there is the “Dinosaurs City”, i. e. a large exhibition of models of prehistoric dinosaurs. One day we visited it. Sasha promised to show me something very interesting; he wanted to make a surprise. I was dressed in an elegant white suit; Sasha was also dressed in a white one. I was expecting something special.

It was such a surprise when Sasha brought me to VDNKh in the “Dinosaurs City”, where we saw only crowds of children with parents around us! Compared to them, we looked almost more outlandish than if there were real dinosaurs among the exhibits. It seems that Sasha sincerely believed that it would be interesting for me to look at life-size puppet dinosaurs.

I got angry at Sasha and he laughed for a very long time. However, on that day, a surprise was really waiting for us. Neither I nor Sasha had any idea about it. Behind the Cosmos pavilion, we found real installations for the movement of nuclear missiles and missile defence systems. In some magical way, only in the summer of 2015, in the secret corner of VDNKh, this unique military equipment was openly demonstrated. I did not miss the chance: Sasha gave me a gorgeous photo shoot against the background of the most powerful Russian missile system in the world. Then the surprise really was a success!

Sasha noted that he intuitively anticipated something significant; therefore, white outfits were dressed by us just in time. After a unique photo shoot, I had nothing to say to him. Nevertheless, the memories of Sasha’s invitation to the “Dinosaurs City” always make me smile.


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