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Dolphins in Moscow

Nearby with the Cosmos pavilion, at VDNKh, the largest in Russia aquarium called “Moskvarium” is located. We visited it shortly after opening in 2015. “Moskvarium” is the largest aquarium in Europe. We saw many beautiful fish and even sharks there.

Probably, a visit to the Moscow Aquarium is really a significant event for children and those adults who have never been to tropical seas. However, two years earlier, I was swimming with a mask not far from the island of Bali where I saw colourful fish in their natural environment. There they looked much more organic than in aquariums. In “Moskvarium”, I felt sorry for these creatures torn from their natural habitat.

In the aforementioned aquarium, there is even the possibility of swimming with dolphins. It should be noted that it is not cheap at all: about USD 220 per person for 25 minutes of individual swimming with one dolphin or USD 300 — for an individual swimming with two dolphins. In Bali, Sasha and I had the same pleasure worth USD 150 for two persons, that is, four times cheaper. At the same time, there it was near the ocean, and here — in the centre of the metropolis, far from the coast. Hence, the reason for such a high price is understandable.


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