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Shish kebabs at VDNKh

We passed all the pavilions of VDNKh and came to a large pond, in the middle of which there was another magnificent fountain in the shape of piece of wheat. The walk finally succeeded when Sasha found his favourite café called “Gourmet”, where we had a very tasty dinner. Sasha had a big story connected with this café; once here, together with fellow students and teachers, he celebrated graduation from the screenwriting department of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography.

Unfortunately, that our visit to the “Gourmet” was the last, as soon the café was closed. However, now, near the picturesque lake at the far end of VDNKh, there are summer cafés with very tasty cuisine.

Sasha says that VDNKh is a place that has traditionally been famous for shish kebabs cooked over an open fire. Now barbecues were removed, food was transferred to ordinary cafés. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to change the reflex developed over the years. When we arrive at VDNKh, Sasha is still looking for cafés where shish kebabs are prepared and always finds them at the far end of the park, near the ponds. There is the culmination of our walks in the form of delicious dinners.

After eating, we usually leave VDNKh. But when the weather is good and there is a reserve of energy, the walk can be continued. Right behind VDNKh, there is a beautiful forest park of Moscow — the Botanical Garden.


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