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The first feeling

I was looking out of the window. This was my first flight beyond the borders of my native India. In Russia, I was interested in absolutely everything, including how the country looks from an airplane. We were lucky: on this day, the sky over central Russia was not covered with a dense grey veil; the clouds in the distance formed a snow-white phantasmagoric mountain ridge. What a beautiful sight!

Flying up to the Moscow region, the plane did enter briefly the white milky ocean; however, soon it emerged under the clouds. We have just been in space; nevertheless, now we are rapidly approaching the Earth, as if the ancient souls were in a hurry to a new incarnation. Russia was surprisingly smooth and green: no mountains, no hills, no deserts, only rivers, forests, and fields that stretch for hundreds of kilometres.

“What a beauty,” I said leaning against the window, “I never saw so much green!”

Sasha was looking out of the window. I saw his eyes become moist. In early October 2008, Sasha flew from Moscow to a new, unfamiliar reality of India believing that he would return home in six months. And it turned out that Sasha returned to Russia almost three years later, at the end of May 2011. Moreover, he was not alone but with his beautiful wife from India.

The first steps made on the Russian land made an indelible impression on me. The fact is that by nature I have very deep sensitivity; I can feel the energy and those things that other people cannot feel.

As soon as I stepped off the ramp into the runway, I felt powerful waves that pierced me like electrical discharges. I felt tremendous energy emanating from this land. Russia radiated tremendous power; it was this feeling that was my first and most important sensation from this country.

Russia is a power. Russia also has great potential. I have never felt this way either in India, in the Himalayas or anywhere else. More recently, it became clear why this country is so great and so big. It is invincible. There is the powerful energy of the Universe above Russia, which protects this country and gives it an incredible power.

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